Configuring Message Routing

Address Space Conventions

Connectors are used to create paths for messages. These paths are called address spaces. Exchange uses address spaces and recipient address information to route messages between servers in different routing groups and between Exchange and foreign mail systems, such as the Internet.

Address Spaces

When you configure an SMTP or X.400 connector, you must define either one address space or one connected domain. The address spaces you define determine which messages are routed through a connector. Recipient addresses are matched to an address space to determine which connector is used. The following table contains examples.

Address Type Full Address Address Space

Address Specifications

You can create addressing information by using address templates. Address templates are visual guides for creating address spaces that are associated with connectors. You can access address templates through the Recipients container in Address Templates. Select the appropriate language, and then select the address type. Address templates are provided with Exchange for the following address types:

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