Migrating to Exchange

Migrating to Exchange

Migration is the process of moving your existing messaging system to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Migration involves exporting a copy of your existing mailboxes, messages, and other data, and then importing that information into Exchange. Your primary tool is Migration Wizard.

You can use the wizard to migrate directory and message data in one step, or you can migrate to a set of migration files first and then use the wizard a second time to import the files.

Regardless of how you use the wizard, your overall migration process can happen in a single phase—that is, you can move the entire organization at once—or more likely, you will use a multi-phased process that requires a period of coexistence.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What messaging system migrations does Migration Wizard support?

You can use Migration Wizard to migrate users from the following messaging systems:

Migration Wizard does not support my messaging system. What can I do?

You can extract directory information and mail data using one of the source extractors that are provided on the Exchange CD in the Migrate folder. Additional stand-alone extractors are provided for Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks and IBM PROFS, NetSys (formerly Verimation MEMO), and Digital ALL-IN-1 host systems. These extractors are not integrated into Migration Wizard, but after extraction, you can use the wizard to import the extracted files. In addition, you can create your own source extractor. More...

How do I develop a coexistence strategy?

Exchange provides a suite of tools, called connectors, that support coexistence with other mail systems. For information on planning your migration and developing a coexistence strategy, see Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Planning and InstallationMore...

Can I migrate personal archives?

Yes, but not with Migration Wizard. Separate tools are provided to migrate personal archives. More...

How do I control which data migrates?

There are several ways to control which directory and mail data you migrate from your existing messaging system to Exchange:

Can I migrate distribution lists?

Not with Migration Wizard; however, many strategies for migrating distribution lists are discussed in Exchange 2000 Server Planning and Installation.  More...

Do all mail items migrate?

Not necessarily. Consult the "What is Migrated from..." topic for your messaging system to see which mail items you can migrate.