Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-11

Use the Disconnected Mailbox node under Recipient Configuration to view a list of all disconnected mailboxes in your Exchange Server 2007 organization and connect these mailboxes to user objects. A disconnected mailbox is a mailbox that is not associated with an Active Directory directory service user account. To learn more about disconnected mailboxes, see Understanding Recipients.

   To modify how disconnected mailboxes are displayed in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), click View in the action pane. For more information about view options, see How to Customize the Exchange Management Console.

Disconnected Mailbox Objects in the Result Pane

When you select the Disconnected Mailbox node, the result pane lists any disconnected mailboxes on the Exchange server. By default, this is the server on which the Exchange Management Console is running. To view other disconnected mailboxes, you can connect to other servers in your Exchange organization. For information about the actions available for a disconnected mailbox, see Recipient Configuration > Disconnected Mailbox > Disconnected Mailbox.

To focus on a set of disconnected mailboxes that have specific attributes, you can use a variety of expressions to filter the list. For more information about filters, see How to Filter the Result Pane.

Managing Disconnected Mailboxes Using the Actions Pane

When you select the Disconnected Mailbox node under Recipient Configuration, depending on whether the result pane shows a disconnected mailbox, the following actions are available either by right-clicking Disconnected Mailbox or by using the action pane.

Connect to Server

Click Connect to Server to open the Connect to Server dialog box. Use this dialog box to select an Exchange Server server in your Exchange organization from which you want to retrieve a list of disconnected mailboxes. For more information about this dialog box, see Recipient Configuration > Disconnected Mailbox > Connect To Server.

Export List

Click Export List to open the Export List dialog box. You can use this dialog box to save the list of recipients in the result pane to a text file. For instructions about how to use the Export List feature, see How to Export Lists from the Exchange Management Console.


Use the Connect task to connect the selected disconnected mailbox to an existing user. A wizard will help you associate the disconnected mailbox with a specific user object.

The Connect task appears only if a disconnected mailbox is listed in the result pane. If no disconnected mailboxes are listed, the Connect task is not available.