Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-24

Use the New Managed Custom Folder page to create new managed custom folders. A managed custom folder is a managed folder that is created by an Exchange administrator and placed in a user's mailbox for messaging records management (MRM) purposes. The retention and journaling of messages in managed custom folders are controlled by managed content settings that are applied to the folder.

You can also use the Exchange Management Shell to create managed custom folders. For more information, see New-ManagedFolder.
Managed custom folders are a premium feature of MRM. Each mailbox that has managed custom folders requires an Exchange Server Enterprise client access license (CAL). To learn more about the licensing requirements for MRM, see "Client Access Licenses and MRM" in Understanding Messaging Records Management.

After you create a managed custom folder and are ready to use it, you add it to users' mailboxes by running the managed folder mailbox assistant. Alternatively, users can add managed folders to their own mailboxes by using a Web services site that is hosted within their organization. For more information about using Web services with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, see the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SDK Documentation.

Additional steps are necessary to make new managed folders functional. You can perform these steps by using other wizards in the Exchange Management Console or cmdlets in the Exchange Management Shell. For example, you can use the New Managed Content Settings wizard or the New-ManagedContentSettings cmdlet to apply managed content settings to managed custom folders. These settings control how the messages in the folder are handled. For more information about the steps required to fully implement MRM, see Deploying Messaging Records Management

Use this wizard page to create a managed custom folder and to configure the following attributes.


Use this box to assign a name to the new managed custom folder. This value is used by the administrator as an identifier for the folder. It does not appear in users' mailboxes. This name can be up to 65 characters in length.

Display the following name when the folder is viewed in Office Outlook

Use this box to assign the name that users see when they view the folder in Microsoft Outlook. By default, this is the same name as the one you enter in the Name box. The name that you type in this box can be up to 255 characters in length.

Storage limit (KB) for this folder and its subfolders

Select this check box to specify the maximum size for the folder and its subfolders combined. Type the maximum size in kilobytes (KB) in the box to the right of this check box.

Display the following comment when the folder is viewed in Outlook

Use this box to type a comment that will be displayed to the user in Outlook. For example, to alert users that MRM is enabled on the folder, you could type the following message: "Messages are removed after 100 days." The maximum length of this comment is 255 characters.

Do not allow users to minimize this comment in Outlook 

Select this check box to prevent Outlook users from minimizing the comment that you entered in the preceding box.

For More Information

For more information about creating managed custom folders, see How to Create a Managed Folder.

For more information about using the New-ManagedCustomFolder cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell to create managed custom folders, see New-ManagedFolder.

For more information about messaging records management, see Understanding Messaging Records Management.