Applies to: Exchange Server 2007
Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-11

Use the Server Role Selection page to select the Exchange server roles that you want to install on your computer.

Server Role Selection
  • You can install the Mailbox server role, the Hub Transport server role, the Client Access server role, and the Unified Messaging server role on the same computer, in any combination, or on separate computers.

  • You cannot install the Edge Transport server role on the same computer with any other server role.

  • You must deploy the Edge Transport server role in the perimeter network and outside the Active Directory directory service forest.

  • If you want to install either the Active Clustered Mailbox role or the Passive Clustered Mailbox role, you must have Windows Cluster service running on your computer.

  • If you select Management Tools, you will install the Exchange Management Console, the Exchange cmdlets for the Exchange Management Shell, the Exchange Help file, the Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool, and the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA). The management tools are installed automatically if you install any other server role.

  • Before you click Next, you must select one or more server roles or Management Tools.

  • Click Browse to change the location of the Exchange Server installation.

  • If you are modifying an Exchange installation and are running the Exchange Server 2007 Setup wizard in maintenance mode, you can click Browse to change the location of the Exchange installation files.

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