Topic Last Modified: 2007-02-15

The Microsoft Exchange Performance Troubleshooter can access only the Active Directory directory service and the server that is running Exchange. You must be running the tool using credentials that have all the required permissions.


The following permissions are the ones that are required to successfully run the Exchange Performance Troubleshooter.

  • Domain User or greater permissions on the global catalog server specified in the connections step.

  • Member of the local Administrators group on each server that is running Exchange that is to be analyzed. These permissions are required to access Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the registry, and performance data.

If the currently logged-on user credentials do not have all the permissions to access both Active Directory and the server that is running Exchange, you can override the username, domain, and password from the tool.

For More Information

For installation information, see Installing the Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant.

For more information about prerequisites for running the tool, see Prerequisites for Running the Microsoft Exchange Performance Troubleshooter.