Topic Last Modified: 2005-11-18

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool has analyzed the Exchmem Heap performance counters under the MSExchangeIS performance object to determine whether performance on the Exchange server has decreased. The Exchange Server Analyzer Tool reports on the Exchmem counters as follows:

The Store.exe process uses its own heap allocation mechanism and structures. These are called Exchmem. At startup, the Store.exe process creates several Exchmem heaps. Store.exe does not increase the number of heaps unless the existing number is either fully used or is fragmented to a point where an allocation cannot find enough contiguous memory to succeed.

If there is a memory utilization problem or internal fragmentation (that is, fragmentation in the Exchmem heaps, which reside inside the Exchange store's virtual memory space), the Store.exe process creates new Exchmem heaps.

Generally, if the Store.exe process must repeatedly create additional heaps, the overall Exchange store virtual memory becomes fragmented or depleted. By tracking the counters that are listed above, you can determine whether the Exchmem heaps are a source of the problem or if they decrease in performance as the heaps become fragmented.

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