Topic Last Modified: 2011-03-11

Common issues and tasks related to sharing in Microsoft Lync 2010 are listed in the following table. Issues are problems that require troubleshooting. If a user needs help troubleshooting a common issue, click the issue to learn how to resolve it. To help a user perform a common task, click the URL next to the task to see the related how-to topic at the Lync Help and How-to website.

For issue and tasks related to collaborating with other users, see Collaboration. To help users record sharing sessions and play back recorded content, see Recording and Playback.

Common issues Common tasks

Notification About Participants Being Unable to See Shared Content

Share Your Desktop at

Notification About Switching to Basic Color

Choose an Open Program to Share at

Participants Cannot See the Full User Interface in Word

Start a Lync 2010 Sharing Session in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel at

Participants See a Black Window

Stop Sharing Your Desktop, Monitor, or Program at

Participants See Black Squares

Give a PowerPoint Presentation at

Participants See Monochrome Content

Stop Showing the Presentation at

Participants See Previously Shared Content

Control What Others Can View While You’re Presenting at

PowerPoint Audio or Video Not Playing

Upload a PowerPoint File before a Scheduled Meeting at

Quality Issue with Video

Control Who Can Download Your Presentation at

Remote User Cannot Share

Annotate a Presentation at

Unable to Save Shared Content

Save a Copy of the Annotated File at

Unable to Share Content

Insert an Image into Your Presentation at

Unable to Share a Program

Open a New Whiteboard at

Send a File to a Contact at

Add a File to a Conversation at

Send a File to Conference Participants at

Receive Files at

Select the Folder for Receiving Saved Files at

Open Received Files at

Save Transferred Files at