Topic Last Modified: 2013-12-17

The active users report records the number of users who signed in to Lync and engaged in a Lync communication session (either a conference or a peer-to-peer session) during the specified time period. The report looks similar to this:

Active users report graph.

The active users report includes the following metrics:

Metric Description

Active users

Number of unique users who signed in to Lync and participated in at least one Lync communication session (either a conference or a peer-to-peer session). Individual users are counted only once per time period. For example, if Ken Myer participated in four different conferences on 10/6/2013 he would count as one active user and not as four active users.

Active users are defined as users who signed in and participated in a least one Lync communication session during the specified time period (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). Keep in mind that active users are not the same as signed-in users or Lync-enabled users. For example, suppose you have 10 users enabled for Lync Online, and six of those users participate in a conference on a given day. In that case, you would have six active users for that day: six people who signed in and took part in a Lync communication session. The other four users would not count as active users for that day because, even if they signed in to Lync Online, they did not participate in a peer-to-peer session or conference.

This report tracks only users from your organization. Users from other organizations are not included in the report, nor are anonymous users.

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