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BlackBerry Inbox

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If a BlackBerry smartphone is used to collect this account's email, you can use this screen to specify the IMAP folders whose new messages you wish to push to the BlackBerry smartphone's Inbox. Ordinarily the BlackBerry Internet Service only collects messages from the user's Inbox folder, not from any other folders associated with the user's account. Therefore if he or she is using IMAP filters to sort messages automatically into specific folders, those messages will not be delivered to the BlackBerry device. This screen makes it possible for the user to get those filtered messages from whichever folders he or she chooses. This feature does not, however, deliver messages that were already contained in any of the folders—it only delivers new messages. If the account has no IMAP filters then this screen will be blank.

The folders themselves are not pushed to the BlackBerry device, only the new messages that are placed in them. All messages will be delivered to the device's Inbox, not to any specific folders on the device.

For users with access to WorldClient, the Folders page under Options in WorldClient contains this option so that users can manage the folder selection for themselves. This option, however, will only be available to them if the "Allow selection of non-Inbox folder content to send to BlackBerry" option on the BlackBerry Options screen is enabled.