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BlackBerry Internet Service

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MDaemon is equipped with direct support for the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). BIS users can integrate their MDaemon mail account with their BlackBerry smartphone, allowing for BlackBerry push mail as well as improved email handling when using a BlackBerry device with MDaemon. Any BlackBerry device set up to pull mail from MDaemon via IMAP or POP prior to MDaemon version 11.0 can now be set up for push mail instead. Further, messages that are composed on the device will be sent to your MDaemon for delivery rather than having the BIS servers deliver them. This allows emails composed on a BlackBerry device to comply with your server's security policies, content-filter rules, DKIM, archiving, and so on.

Since BIS only collects mail from a user's Inbox, this can cause problems for people who use IMAP Filters to sort their messages to specific folders automatically. To overcome this problem, the BlackBerry Inbox screen of the Account Editor and the Folders page in WorldClient allow the administrators and users, respectively, to choose which folders' new messages will be delivered to the user's device. When the BIS server connects to MDaemon to collect new messages from the user's Inbox, MDaemon will also push the new messages from the selected folders. All new messages from all the selected folders will be sent to the BlackBerry device's Inbox. This does not push the actual folders to the device, it pushes only the new messages that they contain.

Finally, an internal folder aliasing scheme allows each user's "Sent Items" and "Deleted Items" folders to appear as values that BIS recognizes, no matter what those folders are actually called in the user's account. This helps ensure that sent and deleted messages are placed into the proper MDaemon folders.

The BlackBerry Internet Service dialog contains the following screens:

Domains — use this screen to enable BIS integration for whichever domains you choose. There are options for entering the Subscribe URL and the SMTP server to which BIS should pass messages when they are composed on a BlackBerry device. There is a history text box on the bottom of the screen that lists your BIS subscribe/unsubscribe activity, and there are several SSL and STARTTLS related options.

Integrated Accounts —  this screen lists the subscription numbers of all MDaemon accounts that are setup for BIS push mail and are thus integrated directly with MDaemon. Even if an account is not listed as an integrated account, a BIS server may still be able to collect mail on behalf of the BlackBerry device via POP3 or IMAP, but it will not have the advantage of being able to send messages through your MDaemon server.

Options — this screen has several global options governing MDaemon's BlackBerry integration features. For example, you can choose whether or not to allow MDaemon to push mail from non-Inbox folders, you can choose to apply Attachment Linking to integrated accounts, you can allow multiple devices to integrate with a single MDaemon account, and several other options.

MDaemon requires all IMAP/POP sessions from BIS users to use a full email address when logging in to MDaemon. Thus when configuring their BlackBerry devices to collect mail they will need to use the full email address as the login parameter instead of just the mailbox portion of the address. This is necessary in order to avoid possible conflicts and to achieve proper account integration. This might mean that some of your existing users will have to delete and recreate the mail profile on their device, or at least change their login value to the full address.