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Integrated Accounts

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Configuring Accounts to Push Mail to a BlackBerry Smartphone

The Integrated Accounts screen lists all of your MDaemon accounts that are configured to push mail to a BlackBerry smartphone. To setup a new account for push mail:

1. Enable the BIS integration options for the server and domain on the Domains screen, and make sure that the Subscribe URL and SMTP server value are pointing to WorldClient and your MDaemon server, respectively.
2. If the BlackBerry smartphone is already collecting mail from the user's MDaemon account, because the account was added to the device prior to activating MDaemon's BIS features, then delete that email account from the device. In the next step you will need to recreate the account on the device so that you can trigger push mail setup within BIS.
3. Add the MDaemon email account to the user's BlackBerry smartphone, using the full email address and password as its login credentials. For detailed instructions on how to add an email account to a BlackBerry smartphone, see the device's online help or documentaion. You must only add the account in this step, not edit it. After creating the account, do not edit its signature, name settings, advanced options, or the like. You can make changes to the account later, in step 6.
4. Shortly after the account is added to the device, the Subscribe URL associated with the user's domain will receive a SUBSCRIBE request from the BIS service. This incoming request will be processed by WorldClient and the subscribed account will appear in the Integrated Accounts list. The SUBSCRIBE request usually takes about 5 minutes to arrive, but can take up to 20.
5. Almost immediately after adding the account to the device it should receive an "Email activation information" email. Then, once the SUBSCRIBE request is properly received and processed, the BlackBerry device will receive a second email: "Email activation information (push mail)." Once that second email is received you know that the account has been successfully configured for push mail in MDaemon.
6. Make any desired changes to the email account on the device. You can add a signature, edit the name, adjust the advanced settings, and so  on.

While waiting for the SUBSCRIBE request from BIS to arrive, any changes to the email account on the device (such as signature text, advanced setup options, etc) will invalidate the request and you will not receive it. Therefore you must make no changes to the account on the device until the SUBSCRIBE request arrives. Otherwise you will need to delete the account and recreate it in order to restart the SUBSCRIBE process.

This level of integration is not possible using POP. Any of your BlackBerry users currently using POP to collect mail will need to delete their email profile and recreate it using IMAP (not POP) which may require accessing advanced setup options on the BlackBerry. Consequently, MDaemon's IMAP server must be running for this feature to work.

Unsubscribing an Integrated Account

Unsubscribing from push mail can be done by deleting the email profile using the BlackBerry device itself. BIS will then send MDaemon an UNSUBSCRIBE request and the account will be unlinked. The UNSUBSCRIBE request may take some time to arrive and this poses no operational issues.