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MDaemon and Proxy Servers

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MDaemon was purposely designed to be highly versatile. Consequently, it can be configured for use with a wide variety of network configurations and various other products, and its flexibility allows it to work well with LAN proxy servers. To configure MDaemon to work through any proxy server, all you must do is make sure that the port settings (see Ports) you are using do not conflict with any that may be set in the proxy server itself. For example, SMTP email normally takes place on port 25. Since an IP address can only have a single port 25, two servers cannot both listen for SMTP email at the same time on the same machine. When attempting to integrate MDaemon with a proxy, it is recommended that you allow MDaemon as much control over mail processing and delivery as possible. To that end, SMTP, POP, IMAP, and several other ports in the proxy may need to be disabled so that MDaemon can handle mail delivery independently.

However, should you find it necessary to channel mail through a proxy, MDaemon allows you to configure the ports which it will use to send and receive SMTP/POP/IMAP transactions. You may need to set these ports to non-standard values in order to filter your SMTP/POP/IMAP transactions through a proxy server or firewall.

For more detailed information on configuring MDaemon to work with a proxy server, please consult the support resources available at: