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AntiVirus Updates

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AntiVirus Updates

Wait XX minutes after the last AntiVirus update then do another

Click this checkbox and specify the number of minutes that you want SecurityPlus for MDaemon to wait before checking for new virus signature updates. Note, this is actually the number of minutes that SecurityPlus for MDaemon will attempt to wait after the last time you checked for an update, whether the update was triggered by the scheduler or manually. The scheduler and manually triggered updates are given precedence over this setting and will therefore reset this counter if a SecurityPlus update event is triggered by one of those other methods. Thus, for example, if you have this option set to check for updates every 240 minutes and you manually check for an update after 100 minutes, this counter will be reset to 240.

Urgent Updates

Activate urgent updates

Click this checkbox to activate the urgent updates feature. With this feature enabled, SecurityPlus for MDaemon will immediately connect to the update location and download the high-priority update whenever MDaemon receives an "Urgent Update" message. To receive these messages you must add your domain to the Urgent Updates system at

You must have the "Verify...DKIM signatures" option on the DKIM Verification screen enabled to use this feature.