This topic explains how to upgrade from an existing Exchange Server 2003 Connector to the Directory Connector in Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino or how to claim ownership of an existing Transporter Directory Connector.

Before You Begin

To perform this procedure, the account you use must be delegated the following:

  • Exchange Server Administrator role and local Administrators group for the target server

  • Server account must have Account Operator role for the applicable Active Directory directory service containers


To upgrade from Exchange Server 2003 Connector to Transporter Directory Connector or to claim ownership of a Transporter Directory Connector

  1. Force a synchronization of Active Directory and the Domino Directory by using the existing Connector.

  2. Retrieve the GUID of the existing Connector by referencing Active Directory or by typing Get-DominoConnector in the Transporter Management Shell. Write down this GUID so that you can refer to it again later in the procedure.

    If the Connector has already been deleted, the GUID can be retrieved from the Domino Directory document's $NotesDXA Stamp field or the Active Directory entry's importedFrom attribute that was created by the old Connector.
  3. Decommission the old Connector by removing it from Active Directory.

  4. Create a new Transporter Directory Connector.

  5. Using Transporter, force a full synchronization to Active Directory.

  6. Verify that Active Directory synchronized correctly.

  7. In the Transporter Management Shell, type Start-DominoDirectoryConnector-TakeOwnership-LegacyConnectorID <ConnectorGUID> where ConnectorGUID is the GUID of the existing Connector that you retrieved in Step 2.

  8. Using Transporter, force a full synchronization to the Domino Directory.

  9. Verify that the Domino Directory synchronized correctly.

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