When you create a workflow, you define the caller’s experience from the time the Response Group Service answers the call to the time that an agent responds. A workflow can include a welcome message, music on hold, and call routing instructions. A workflow can also include questions that can help route the call and provide the agent with information to more quickly respond to the caller’s needs. You can also configure business hours, limit queue size, and specify how a call is handled if the queue is full.

Predefined templates are provided to make it easy for you to create new workflows. The following list describes the features available in each of the templates:

Every workflow must be associated with a Contact object. Contact objects are Active Directory objects that have a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) address associated with them and are created using the RGSCOT.exe command-line tool. Each Contact object can be associated with only one workflow. The Contact object must be created before you create the workflow. For details, see Creating a Contact Object.

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