The highest level of configuration for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 is the global level, where you configure settings that apply to the entire forest. The global settings for the forest include the following settings:

In addition to these global settings for the forest, separate forest-level settings are used to manage Enterprise Voice settings and Conferencing Attendant settings. Enterprise Voice settings at the forest-level include the following:

Conferencing Attendant settings at the forest-level include the following:

Many of the global settings are used in conjunction with pool-level, server-level, and user account-level settings, as covered in this section.

Use the information in this section to view the status of any of these settings, as well as to configure the Generalsettings to manage support for internal domains. To configure the other global settings, use the appropriate information in the remainder of this section.

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For details about settings that must be configured at the forest-level to enable PSTN dial-in conferencing, see the following topics: