If the topic of a chat room is no longer relevant, you can make the chat room unavailable to users by disabling it. When a chat room is disabled, all its members are removed, and it is removed from My Channelsin every member’s Group Chat Console. Users cannot rejoin it or find it in chat room searches.

A disabled chat room can be enabled later. If a chat room is disabled, its members list and other settings are preserved. If you enable it again, you do not have to manually re-create the settings.

If the chat room’s history is persisted, the content is preserved when the chat room is disabled, but that content is not searchable while the chat room remains in a disabled state. If you later enable the chat room, users can search messages that were posted before the chat room was disabled.

To disable or enable a chat room

  1. Open the Group Chat Administration Tool.

  2. In the Chat Roomslist, click the chat room.

  3. Select or clear the Disable this chat roomcheck box.