When you reject an update, it is removed from the Pending Updatestab of the Device Update Service Management Console. It continues, however, to exist on the file system until you purge it. You can use the Purge command of the Device Update Service Management Console to purge both image files and log files. Purging image files deletes all rejected update files as well as all update files that are no longer in use. Purging log files deletes all Device Update Service log files.

Purging files permanently removes them from the file system. They will not be recoverable.
You should never manually change files or folders in the DeviceUpdates folder, including deleting them. This could cause Device Update Service to malfunction.

To purge update logs and image files

  1. In the Device Update Service Management Console, click the Toolsmenu and then click Purge.

  2. Click Logs, Updates, or All, depending on whether you want to purge just logs, just update image files, or all (both logs and image files).

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