In an auditorium chat room, only users who have been granted the role of presenter can post messages. All other members can only read messages. Presenters of an auditorium chat room must be members of the chat room.

Note that even though chat room administrators and chat room managers can manage settings on the chat room, they cannot post in an auditorium chat room unless they are Presenters.

To specify who can post in an auditorium chat room

  1. Open the Group Chat Administration Tool.

  2. In the Chat Roomslist, click the auditorium chat room, and then click the Presenterstab.

  3. To add users or groups to the Presenters list, click Add, and then do the following:

    • In Search For, type a name or part of a name to search for, and then click Search.

      Because the Presenters list of an auditorium chat room is a subset of its members list, only names already in the chat room’s members list will appear in the search results.

    • In the list of names that match your query, click one or more names, and then click Add.

    • When you are finished adding names from the list, click Close.

      In the presenters list, Addedappears next to the new user or group’s name.

  4. To remove a user or group from the presenters list, click it in the list, and then click Remove.

    Removedappears next to that user or group’s name.

  5. To apply the changes you have made, click Apply.