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We recommend using the Microsoft Communications Server Planning Tool to add branch sites to your topology and to set up your branch-site voice infrastuructre. For more information, see Configuring the Deployment Topology, in this guide.

If you are not using the Communications Server Planning Tool, use the following procedures, first to add the branch sites and then to set up your voice infrastructure by defining the Internet Protocol/public switched telephone network (IP/PSTN) gateway and/or configuring the SIP trunk (with or without media bypass). Connecting a private branch exchange (PBX) to the branch site is another option.

If you want to provide branch-site resiliency, you must deploy a Survivable Branch Appliance, a Survivable Branch Server, or Microsoft Communications Server 2010 at the branch site. For more information, see Deploying a Survivable Branch Appliance or Server or Deploying Communications Server 2010 (Beta Refresh), in this guide.

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