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When you deploy dial-in conferencing, you need to set up phone numbers that users can dial from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to join the audio portion of conferences. These dial-in access numbers appear in meeting invitations and on the Dial-in Conferencing Settings Web page.

Before you can create dial-in access numbers, you must first plan your dial-in conferencing regions and then configure dial plans with the regions. For more details about regions, see Planning for Dial-In Conferencing. For details about configuring dial plans for dial-in conferencing, see Configure Dial Plans for Dial-in Conferencing.

You cannot use a new dial-in access number until Active Directory Domain Services replication of that access number is complete. Replication can take several hours to complete.
After you create dial-in access numbers, you can modify the display name for the Active Directory Contact objects so that users can more easily identify the correct access number. Use the Set-CsDialInConferencingAccessNumber to modify the display name. You should not modify Active Directory objects manually. For details about modifying an access number, see Communications Server Management Shell documentation for the Set-CsDialInConferencingAccessNumber cmdlet.

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