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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-15

This section provides an overview of the steps involved in deploying Response Group.

Response Group Deployment Process

Phase Steps Permissions Documentation

Install the Response Group application

The Response Group application is installed and activated by default when you deploy Enterprise Voice.

RTCUniversalServerAdmins group

Deploying the Enterprise Voice Workload

Install components for Response Group

The Communications Server Control Panel, the Response Group Configuration Tool, the agents' sign-in and sign-out console, and Response Group Client Web Service are installed as part of Web Services. Web Services is installed when you deploy an Enterprise Edition pool or a Standard Edition Server.

RTCUniversalServerAdmins group

Deploying an Enterprise Edition Pool

Enable users

Enable users who are to be agents for Communications Server and Enterprise Voice. Users must be enabled before you can add them to agent groups. Typically, users are enabled for Communications Server during the Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition deployment. Typically, users are enabled for Enterprise Voice during the Enterprise Voice deployment.



Enable or Disable Users for Communications Server 2010

Enable Users for Enterprise Voice

Create and configure response groups

  1. Use the Communications Server Control Panel or Communications Server Management Shell cmdlets to do the following:

    1. Create and configure agent groups

    2. Create and configure queues

  2. Use the New-CsRgsTimeRange, New-CSRgsHoursOfBusiness, New-CsRgsHoliday, and New-CsRgsHolidaySet cmdlets to define response group business hours and holidays.

  3. Use the Response Group Configuration Tool or Communications Server Management Shell cmdlets to create and configure workflows (hunt groups or interactive voice response (IVR) call flows).



Create an Agent Group

Create a Queue

Create a Workflow