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Header Translation

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The Header Translation feature can change any portion of text found within a header to a new value whenever a message is detected which must leave your domain destined for a remote host. You specify the text you want to search for and its corresponding replacement value. MDaemon will then search through all the headers in the message and make the replacements. You may also specify headers that MDaemon should not modify (such as "Subject:" or "Received:" headers) by clicking the Exceptions button on this dialog.

This feature is necessary for some MDaemon configurations in which the local domain name is fictitious or different from the domain name that must appear on outbound mail. In such a situation, Header Translation could be used to change every occurrence of "" to "".

Header Translations

This list contains the portions of text that MDaemon will scan for in the outbound message headers, and the text that will be substituted when a match is found.


Select an entry in the Current Header Translations list and then click this button to remove it from the list.


Click this button to open the Header Translation Exceptions dialog. This dialog is used for specifying any Headers that you wish to be omitted from the Header Translation process.

Existing header text

Type the text that you want to be replaced when it is found within the headers of any outbound message.

New header text

This text will be substituted for that which you specified in the Existing header text field.


Click this button to add the above text parameters to the Header Translation list.

Translate headers in forwarded messages

Click this checkbox to cause the header translations to apply also to messages automatically forwarded from a local domain to a non-local domain.

Translate headers in gateway messages forwarded to host or IP

Click this check box if you want the headers to be translated in forwarded domain gateway mail. See the Forwarding screen of the Gateway Editor for more information.