If a user is experiencing a voice quality issue that is related to a device, you can troubleshoot the issue as follows:

  1. Verify that the user’s audio device is properly configured for Office Communicator 2007 R2 or for the Office Live Meeting 2007 R2 client:

    • Ask the user to verify that the configured device is actually the one used by the user. (For devices that consist of both a microphone and a speaker, the microphone and speaker should be used together.)

    • To help determine whether the audio device is the issue, ask the user to use Sound Recorderto record raw audio to a file and play the recording back. If the audio quality is satisfactory, the device is not the issue. If adjusting volume or device settings results in satisfactory audio, try another audio conversation to determine whether the issue is resolved.

  2. Install the Deployment Validation Toolwith an Answering Agent Tool, and ask users to make calls to the Answering Agent Tool to test their own voice quality. If a device is going to be used in a room with multiple speakers, test the quality of the audio from various places in the room. If multiple answering agents have been deployed, the call should be to the closest agent. If the audio from the answering agent is inadequate, ask the user to adjust the speaker volume by using the Set Up Audio and Video Wizardor the external volume controls of the audio playback device. If the output from the answering agent is poor, ask the user to adjust the microphone volume by using the Set Up Audio and Video Wizard or the external volume controls.

  3. Ask the user to use the Set Up Audio and Video Wizard to check the configured device or to change the configuration.

  4. In Monitoring Server, use the call list report to determine which devices were used by the user who reported the issue.

  5. Use Monitoring Server to look for patterns of microphone and speaker devices that do not work well together and advise users on best practices for device configuration.

  6. Check the audio device to determine whether it is defective:

    • Replace the device with a similar one.

    • Test the device on a different computer.

    • Use Sound Recorder to test the device with a raw audio recording and playback.

    • Remove any vendor-provided audio processing software.

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