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Contents.. 3

Introduction.. 4

Technical Requirements.. 5

Software Installation.. 7

Installing T-Mobile Communication Center on your PC.. 7

Upgrading from a previous release. 13

Uninstalling T-Mobile Communication Center 13

How to install the Nokia D211 WLAN/GPRS card. 14

How to install the GPRS PC-card from T-Mobile. 19

Starting T-Mobile Communication Center. 22

Connecting over WLAN. 22

Connecting over GPRS. 23

T-Mobile Communication Center -Features.. 25

SMS. 25

E-mail Wizard. 30

Automatic update. 32

Normal user mode. 35

T-Mobile menu. 35

Usage Monitor 36

Configuration. 36

Customization Tool 40

Configure buttons. 41

Select XML help file. 44

Password settings. 45

Generate/Import customization file. 45

Generate customized installer 45

Configure connections. 45

How to configure T-Mobile Communication Center.. 51

Connection type selection. 51

Common configuration tabs. 51

General 52

Secure levels. 53

PPP. 54

IP. 55

GPRS. 56

Web. 57

Application Launch. 58

Troubleshooting.. 61

Definitions and abbrevations.. 75


This user manual gives a general description of T-Mobile Communication Center, a software product developed by Alice Systems AB.

This user manual will help you in using T-Mobile Communication Center, so that you can enjoy the full benefits of wireless connectivity.

T-Mobile Communication Center, a ‘one-click’ application, enables remote access to the Internet over GPRS as well as connections over W-LANWLAN at T-Mobile hotspots. It can provide connectivity to corporate intranets and benefit from the use of compression. The software also contains an SMS client for sending and receiving text messages.

T-Mobile Communication Center is capable of supporting the GPRS PC-Card from T-mobile card and the Nokia D211 WLAN/GPRS card./GPRS PC-Card from T-mobile cards.







Technical Requirements

In order to run T-Mobile Communication Center (TMCC) on a PC, it should meet the following minimum technical requirements:

Processor:                           Pentium II processor
Internal memory:                128 MB RAM
Disk space:                          25 MB
Operating Systems:          Microsoft Windows XP
                                                Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1
                                                Microsoft Windows 2000
                                                Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
                                                Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
                                                Microsoft Windows 98 SE
       Microsoft Windows NT (Service Pack 4 and above)

GPRS/WLAN cards:         

1.      Nokia D211 GPRS/WLAN card

2.      GPRS PC-card from T-Mobile

The following WLAN cards have also been verified on Windows XP:


Remote Access Services components with TCP/IP protocol

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later


M          Important Note

The TMCC version supports the GPRS PC-card from T-Mobile and Nokia D211 GPRS/WLAN card.

Also make sure that you have uninstalled any previous installations of these cards, before installing any of them again.

When installing a GPRS/WLAN card, do not insert the card in the PC until you are prompted to.




Software Installation