Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

How To

You have to perform several configuration steps both before and after you install Calendar Connector on Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. To use Calendar Connector to exchange free and busy information with a partner system, you must prepare your environment by checking system requirements and understanding implementation considerations. Before you install and configure Calendar Connector, you must also install any client software required by the partner system and the Exchange connector for one or both partner systems. In this documentation, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes systems are referred to as partner systems. Once you have completed these steps you can finish configuring your partner system to work with Calendar Connector.

To use Calendar Connector:

  1. Prepare your environment.
  2. Prepare to use Lotus Notes with Calendar Connector.
  3. Prepare to use Novell GroupWise with Calendar Connector.
  4. Install Calendar Connector.
  5. Configure your Lotus Notes environment.
  6. Configure your Novell GroupWise environment.

For more information on installing and configuring the partner connector, see the partner connector's documentation.