Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Prepare to Use Novell GroupWise with Calendar Connector

Using Calendar Connector with Novell GroupWise allows Exchange users to query the free and busy calendar information of GroupWise users, and vice versa. Queries generated by Exchange users enter the GroupWise environment via GroupWise API Gateway, which defines a format and protocol for exchanging information by using e-mail. API Gateway is installed and configured as part of the Exchange connector for GroupWise installation. Calendar Connector has the same GroupWise configuration requirements as the connector for GroupWise.

Note   You can have only one connection to a GroupWise installation per administrative group.

Calendar Connector requests for free and busy information are made through the connector for Novell GroupWise, and both connectors should be installed on the same Exchange server.

To use Calendar Connector with Novell GroupWise:

  1. Install an Exchange connector for Novell GroupWise.
  2. Prepare for directory synchronization.
  3. Perform directory synchronization using one of the following options: