Configuring Message Routing

Address Spaces

Exchange uses a variety of addresses. Each Exchange server has a routing group address, and each mailbox has a recipient address. You can create custom addresses for routing messages to foreign mail systems.

Connectors use address spaces to determine which messages to route. Each connector can deliver messages that match the address space and message type defined on the connector. Each connector has at least one address space and can have one or more connected routing groups associated with it.

When you use multiple connectors, you can use address spaces to balance the messaging load; for example, if you have two SMTP connectors for transferring mail to the Internet, you can designate one connector to process messages destined for domains A and B and the other connector to process messages destined for domain C. However, if you use two SMTP connectors to handle a large volume of messages to a single domain, for load balancing you can configure both connectors to process the same addresses.

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