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Public & Shared Folders

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MDaemon supports shared Public and User IMAP folders. Public folders are extra folders that do not belong to any particular account but can be made available to multiple IMAP users. User folders are IMAP folders that belong to individual MDaemon accounts. Each shared folder, whether public or user, must have a list of MDaemon users associated with it, and only members of that access list may access it via WorldClient or an IMAP email client.

When IMAP users access their list of personal folders, shared public folders and shared user folders to which they have been given access will also be displayed. In this way certain mail folders can be shared by multiple users but still require each user's individual logon credentials. Further, having access to a folder doesn't necessarily mean having full read/write or administrative access to it. Specific access rights can be granted to individual users, thus allowing you to set different levels of access for each one. For example, you might allow some users to delete messages while restricting that from others.

Once a public or user IMAP folder has been created you can use the Content Filter to set criteria by which certain messages are moved into that folder. For example, it might be useful to make a filter rule that would cause messages containing in the TO: header to be moved into the Support public folder. The Content Filter actions "Move Message to Public Folders..." and "Copy Message to Folder..." make this possible. For shared user folders, you can use your personal IMAP filters to route specific messages to them. In addition to using Content Filters and IMAP filters, you can associate a specific account with a shared folder so that messages destined for that "Submission Address" will be automatically routed to the shared folder. However, only users who have been granted "post" permission to the folder will be able to send to that address.

For added convenience, the Mailing List editor also contains a Public Folder screen that makes it possible for you to configure a public folder for use with a particular list. If you enable this feature then a copy of each list message will be placed into the specified public folder. All public folders are stored in the \Public Folders\ directory within the MDaemon directory hierarchy.