Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Connect to Novell GroupWise

Exchange provides message connectivity and directory synchronization with GroupWise messaging systems using Microsoft Connector for Novell GroupWise. A GroupWise connector connects an Exchange organization to a single GroupWise post office; however, through this single connection, multiple downstream GroupWise post offices can be connected to Exchange.

You configure the GroupWise connector using the System Manager snap-in. You can manage the connector from any Microsoft Windows 2000 server on your network.

The following steps must be taken to prepare the GroupWise environment and configure the GroupWise connector for directory synchronization and mail delivery.

  1. Be sure you have met the software requirements.
  2. Create a recipients policy to be used by Exchange to create proxy addresses for GroupWise recipients.
  3. Prepare the GroupWise environment. You need to install, configure, and start GroupWise 4.1 API Gateway NLM, in addition to other tasks.
  4. Configure Connector for Novell GroupWise. You need to specify the connection to GroupWise as well as the message delivery and directory synchronization options.
  5. Synchronize the users in Active Directory with the GroupWise directory. Synchronizing directories is a good way to test the connection, and it also populates each directory with users from the other system, which enables mail addressing and delivery. You can use either of the following methods:

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