Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Prepare the Novell GroupWise Environment

The following steps must be taken to prepare the GroupWise environment for connecting to Exchange:

  1. Install GroupWise 4.1 API Gateway NLM on the GroupWise domain that you are connecting to with the GroupWise connector. GroupWise 4.1 API Gateway NLM is available from Novell (see, and installation instructions are available from the Novell Web site for NetWare versions 3.x and 4.x.
  2. Install the GroupWise Patch 2 for API NLM/OS2 (GW41API2.exe). The patch allows GroupWise to expand messages sent to GroupWise groups from Exchange. It is available at

    Note   The /group line in the NGWAPI.PRM API gateway configuration file must be uncommented for the group expansion to work. The API gateway must be restarted in order for these changes to take effect.

  3. Create and configure the API gateway.
  4. Activate distribution lists.
  5. Start the API Gateway.
  6. Create an External Foreign Domain in GroupWise for the Exchange organization served by the GroupWise connector, and then configure the link type.
  7. Create an NT Gateway Group in NetWare.

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