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New in MDaemon 11.0

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BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Integration (MDaemon PRO Only)

MDaemon is now equipped with direct support for the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). BIS users can integrate their MDaemon mail account with their BlackBerry smartphone, allowing for BlackBerry push mail as well as improved email handling when using a BlackBerry device with MDaemon. Any BlackBerry device set up to pull mail from MDaemon via IMAP or POP prior to MDaemon version 11.0 can now be set up for push mail instead. Further, messages that are composed on the device will be sent to your MDaemon for delivery rather than having the BIS servers deliver them. This allows emails composed on a BlackBerry device to comply with your server's security policies, content-filter rules, DKIM, archiving, and so on.

Since BIS only collects mail from a user's Inbox, this can cause problems for people who use IMAP Filters to sort their messages to specific folders automatically. To overcome this problem, the BlackBerry Inbox screen of the Account Editor and the Folders page in WorldClient allow the administrators and users, respectively, to choose which folders' new messages will be delivered to the user's device. When the BIS server connects to MDaemon to collect new messages from the user's Inbox, MDaemon will also push the new messages from the selected folders. All new messages from all the selected folders will be sent to the BlackBerry device's Inbox. This does not push the actual folders to the device, it pushes only the new messages that they contain.

Finally, an internal folder aliasing scheme allows each user's "Sent Items" and "Deleted Items" folders to appear as values that BIS recognizes, no matter what those folders are actually called in the user's account. This helps ensure that sent and deleted messages are placed into the proper MDaemon folders.

Smarter Message Routing

A new option that enables smarter message routing was added to the Delivery screen under the Default Domain & Servers dialog. By default, whenever possible MDaemon will maintain a single copy of each message destined for multiple recipients and use multiple RCPT commands to deliver the message. This saves on disk space and bandwidth. For example, if enabled this option will always operate whenever there is a single message addressed to multiple recipients at the same domain. Also, if you are using the "Send all outbound email to the 'Server' specified below" delivery option, which sends all your outbound mail to a single designated host, MDaemon will store a single copy of each message and use multiple RCPT commands even when recipients belong to different domains.

Improved Sync Client Support

Support for Funambol version 8.0 open source SyncML clients was added. These client are available at no cost, and are greatly improved from earlier versions. In particular, the BlackBerry client shows promise.

Attachment Linking (MDaemon PRO only)

Attachment Linking is a feature whereby attachments are removed from email messages and stored locally on the MDaemon server. In place of the actual attachments, MDaemon will insert URL links which the user can click to download them from the server. This saves bandwidth and storage space on the client machine and especially on mobile devices. In MDaemon 11.0 the Attachment Linking feature was completely overhauled to make it both easier to use and more secure. First, the Attachment Linking dialog was moved from Account Settings to "Setup » Web, Sync, & IM," since WorldClient plays such a major role in the feature. Second, there are two new modes for Attachment Linking: "Let WorldClient automatically manage Attachment Linking" and "Manually configure Attachment Linking." If you select the automatic mode, which is the default setting, the feature works using internal settings that users cannot change. This is the simplest solution, and as long as WorldClient is running no configuration changes should be needed. The manual mode is needed if you wish to place attachments in custom locations.

Attachment Linking has the following additional changes:

· All accounts that were configured to use Attachment Linking in previous versions will now be set to extract attachments to the account's FILES folder. Consequently, you may need to manually reconfigure accounts that you want using Attachment Linking.
· Disabling Attachment Linking no longer resets accounts that are configured to use it. They remain configured to use Attachment Linking but simply operate as if they were not. If you reactive the feature then those accounts immediately start using it again.
· The links that MDaemon places in messages no longer contain direct file paths to the attachments. Instead they contain a unique identifier (GUID) that the server uses to map the file to the actual path. This GUID map is stored in the AttachmentLinking.dat file.
· The New Account Defaults dialog now contains an option that allows you to choose the default attachment handling setting for new accounts.

DKIM ADSP - RFC 5617 Support

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Author Domain Signing Practices (ADSP) was finalized and released to the world as RFC 5617. DKIM defines a domain-level authentication framework for email to permit verification of the source and contents of messages. ADSP specifies an adjunct mechanism to aid in assessing messages that do not contain a DKIM signature for the domain used in the author's address (the FROM: header). ADSP defines a record that can advertise whether a domain signs its outgoing mail as well as how other hosts can access that record.

MDaemon was updated to support the final version of this specification. No changes to any existing DKIM or ADSP records are required. This represents the close of over four years of effort in the IETF to get to this point. Alt-N Technologies strongly supports the use of this protocol as widely as possible and MDaemon is fully capable of doing so. You should consider publishing your own ADSP record on your DNS server so that others can know what your signing practices are. ADSP can be toggled using an option on the DKIM Options screen.

STLS For DomainPOP and MultiPOP

MDaemon's DomainPOP and MultiPOP servers now support STLS. You can enable this via a global setting at: Security » Security Settings » SSL & TLS » MDaemon. STLS will be attempted but if the other side of the connection doesn't support it then a regular connection will be initiated. This feature honors the NoSTARTTLS.DAT file for excluding sites that might cause you problems.

Additional Features and Changes

MDaemon 11.0 has many new features and changes. See RelNotes.html located in MDaemon's \Docs\ subfolder for a complete list of all new features, changes, and fixes to MDaemon from the previous version.