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Upgrading to MDaemon 11.0

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Below is a list of special considerations and notes that you may need to be aware of when upgrading to MDaemon version 11.0 from a previous version.

Version 11.0.0

· MDaemon's POP and IMAP servers now require use of the full email address as the user name/login credential. If a user's mail client is configured to use only the mailbox value as the login (for example, "frank" instead of ""), he will not be able to log in to MDaemon using that client until he changes the client's configuration to use the full email address instead. If you wish to continue to allow mailbox only logins then you can disable the option, "Servers require full email address for authentication,"  located on the System screen under Preferences. We strongly recommend that you leave this option enabled, requiring full email addresses.
· Attachment Linking has undergone a complete overhaul and as a result its configuration has been reset to the default value. When upgrading to MDaemon version 11.0, all accounts  currently configured to use Attachment Linking will be set to extract attachments to the FILES folder. You may therefore need to manually reconfigure accounts that you wish to use Attachment Linking.
· The WorldClient.dll was updated to dynamically generate the robots.txt file in the WorldClient HTML directory to be explicit about which files should not be indexed. If you wish to disable this behavior then edit the WorldClient.ini file and set the value: ModifyRobotsTxt=No under the [WebServer] section. Alternatively if the robots.txt file is read-only it will not be touched. Further, custom Logon.html files need to have the following meta tag inserted into their headers: <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW">.
· The Globe and Redline themes within WorldClient were discontinued and are no longer supported. When you run MDaemon 11.0 for the first time it will move the \Templates\ and \HTML\ folders for these two themes to \WorldClient\Old\.  They can be safely deleted if you decide not to manually maintain these themes yourself.
· Check a DKIM DNS Record, located at, is a tool for checking your DKIM DNS setup for compliance with the DKIM specification as published in RFC 4871. Given a selector and a domain this tool will retrieve the DKIM key record from DNS, parse it using the BNF from the DKIM specification, and then sanity check the various fields. In the end you'll get a good/bad result letting you know whether your DKIM DNS setup is "to spec" or not. Note: this site is a work in progress and is not hosted or created by Alt-N Technologies.
· The default options for quota calculations have been reset. Review your settings on the Quotas screen to make sure they are as you desire. The default for including Inbox sub-folders when calculating quotas has been changed from FALSE to TRUE.
· As part of the new BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) integration feature, MDaemon requires all IMAP/POP sessions from BIS users to use a full email address when logging in to MDaemon. Thus when configuring their BlackBerry devices to collect mail they will need to use the full email address as the login parameter instead of just the mailbox portion of the address. This is necessary in order to avoid possible conflicts and to achieve proper account integration. This might mean that some of your existing users will have to delete and recreate the mail profile on their device, or at least change their login value to the full address.

Version 10.1.0

· Because of the powerful changes to WorldClient's LookOut theme over the last several versions of MDaemon, and because of the advancement of web technologies and standards since 2001, the LookOut theme no longer supports Internet Explorer 6. Users of Internet Explorer 6 who attempt to use the LookOut theme will be automatically redirected to the Standard theme so that they may continue to gain access to their email and other groupware data. It is strongly recommended that Internet Explorer 6 users upgrade their browser to Internet Explorer 8, which contains significant improvements to security, rendering quality and performance.

Version 10.0.3

· The DNS Black Listing (DNS-BL) feature has undergone some internal coding changes. As a result, DNS-BL may be disabled after upgrading MDaemon. It can be easily re-enabled from the DNS-BL Hosts screen, located under: Security » Spam Filter... » DNS-BL.

Version 10.0.0

· This version is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions. Installing and launching this version will result in irreversible changes to several configuration files. Make a backup of your MDaemon files before installing this version.
· The Event Scheduling files for mail collection, AntiVirus updates, and AntiSpam updates have been changed. As a result, these schedules were all reset to installation defaults. Please check your schedules and make whatever changes you find necessary.
· WorldClient's message index file format has changed. It will be updated to the new format when a user logs in for the first time. Expect user logins to be slow the first time but normal speed thereafter.
· Your DNS-BL settings have been reset. Check them to make sure they are as you desire. DNS-BL settings are found under Security » Spam Filter.
· MDaemon Standard no longer supports Domain Gateways. If you want Gateway capability you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
· MDaemon Standard is now limited to 5 mailing lists with a maximum of 50 subscribers each. If you want more or larger mailing lists you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
· The "Always Log To Screen" option in Logging » Options has been reset to its default (disabled). You may want to re-enable it.
· The Signature.dat file is no longer used. Signatures for individual accounts are now stored as <email>.sig files in the new Signatures root folder. MDaemon will read Signature.dat and migrate existing account signatures to the new folder and file format. You will need to recreate your default domain signature (if you use one) from the Domain Signatures screen.
· See Relnotes.html located in MDaemon's \Docs\ sub-folder for a complete list of all new features, changes, and fixes to MDaemon from the previous version.